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     Here are the heating energy-saving tips we gathered together for you (by Oilradiators.co.uk editors)

  1. Insulate your home: Insulating your walls, roof, and floor can reduce heat loss and keep your home warm.
  2. Use a programmable thermostat: A programmable thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your home according to your schedule. You can set it to lower the temperature when you’re away or asleep and raise it when you’re home.
  3. Seal air leaks: Air leaks around windows, doors, and other openings can let heat escape and cool air in. Use weather stripping, caulking, or foam sealing to close these gaps.
  4. Install double-paned windows: Double-paned windows provide better insulation than single-paned windows. If you can’t afford to replace all of your windows, consider installing them in the rooms where you spend the most time.
  5. Use curtains and blinds: Keep curtains and blinds closed during the night and on cold days to reduce heat loss. Open them during the day to let in the sun’s warmth.
  6. Reduce drafts: Drafts can be caused by gaps around doors, windows, and other openings. Install draft stoppers to reduce the flow of cold air into your home.
  7. Keep radiators clear: Furniture and curtains can block heat from radiators. Keep them clear to allow heat to circulate freely.
  8. Use a radiator reflector: A radiator reflector is a sheet of metal or foam that fits behind the radiator. It reflects heat back into the room, making it more effective.
  9. Replace incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs: LED bulbs use less energy and last longer than incandescent bulbs.
  10. Keep the heat in: Don’t open doors and windows unnecessarily. Keep the heat in by keeping them closed as much as possible.


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