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Energy Prices Set to Change in Q4 2023: What Consumers Need to Know

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Consumers Brace for Quarter 4 Energy Price Adjustments: What You Need to Know As October approaches, revised rates for gas and electricity loom. Here are the details and what they mean for you. With autumn’s arrival and winter just around the corner, energy consumers should prepare for a shift in rates. Effective October 1, new […]

Paying Gas and Electricity: A Look at the Year Ahead

The Impact of the Price Cap Reduction on Your Bills Before reading news; In my view, even with the lowered price cap, our energy bills are still considerably high, especially when compared to global wholesale prices. When prices peaked, Ofgem swiftly raised the costs, but now that they’ve dipped, we’re still expected to pay more […]

Chilly Weather – Warm Hearts: Ways to Keep Yourself Comfortable in Cold Months

 Stay Warm and Cozy During Winter: Comprehensive Tips for Battling the Cold Staying warm during the colder winter months is important for maintaining our physical and mental well-being. Not only does it provide comfor but it can also help prevent cold-related illnesses (as low body heat can make us more open to infections) and injuries […]

How much does it cost to run oil filled radiators?

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How much does it cost to run oil filled radiators? How Much Does It Cost to Run Oil Filled Radiators?   Oil-filled radiators are a popular choice for many households in the UK thanks to their low cost options. Specifications like Efficient way to heat your room (instead of whole house) and can be easily […]

Efficient Heating Energy Saving Tips by Oilradiators.co.uk

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Here are the heating energy-saving tips we gathered together for you (by Oilradiators.co.uk editors) Insulate your home: Insulating your walls, roof, and floor can reduce heat loss and keep your home warm. Use a programmable thermostat: A programmable thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your home according to your schedule. You can set […]

Benefits of Using Oil Radiators

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Benefits of Using Oil Radiators: Why They’re a Great Choice for Heating Your Home When we talk about to heating your home their be many options to choose from including electrick heaters gas heaters and more. One type of heater that has became increasingly popular in recent years is the oil radiator. In this article […]

Types of Oil Radiators: A Guide to Choosing the Right One

Types of Oil Radiators: A Technical Guide to Choosing the Right One Heating system for your home oil radiators are a popular and cost-effective option. They work by using oil to transfer heat from the heating element to the air providing a steady and even source of warmth. There are many different models of oil […]

History of Oil Radiators: A Comprehensive Look

A Comprehensive Look at the History of Oil Radiators Oil radiators are common and practical heating solution for many homes nowadays thanks to low wattage less electricity consumption models and very easy to storage and move around. These appliances are efficient and easy to use making popular choice for many people. But have you ever […]

Is oil radiator is cheaper than gas heating?

  Is Oil Heating Cheaper Than Gas Heating? When it comes to comparing the cost of heating with oil vs gas, there are several factors to consider. Here’s a closer look at some of the key considerations: Market Prices and Efficiency The current market prices of oil and natural gas, as well as the energy […]

Do oil radiators save energy?

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Are Oil Radiators Cheaper to Run? The simple answer is “Yes.” Oil-filled radiators run on electricity and are a great way to reduce your energy bills, as energy prices are continuously rising. Oil-filled radiators are also energy-efficient. Misleading Information Don’t be misled by incorrect information on the internet and YouTube videos. There are many mistakes […]